Student Success

The Graphic Design program at College of DuPage strives to prepare students for the real world. Many of our students receive scholarships to transfer to a four-year school, while others hit the ground running with paid internships and full-time jobs. Listed below are several College of DuPage Graphic Design alumni that are having success after completing our program.

COD Graphic Design Alumni

Grace Blevins

Grace is a designer whose work has an unmistakably original and pleasing quality to it. Her expert use of traditional media and handcrafted paper makes her work come to life. Grace received a scholarship to attend the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and finished up her bachelor’s degree there. Grace currently works as a designer for Ocupop, a creative agency in Milwaukee, WI. Swing by Grace’s Portfolio Site and check out her creations for yourself.

Josh Farkas

Josh is a College of Dupage alumni that truly hit the ground running. He has illustrated twelve children’s books, written and self-published two independent graphic novels, and founded (and sold) multiple internet start-ups. He currently owns his own design firm called Cubicle Ninjas. You can find out more about Josh and his creative endeavors here.

Zach Mory

Zach Mory is a designer and artist and yes, it’s totally ok to be both. After finishing his MFA in art from the University of Wisconsin- Madison in 2008 with an emphasis in drawing, Zach enrolled in COD’s graphic design program in 2010 where he learned to take his obsessive mark-making sensibility and turn it into thoughtful, well-crafted design. Zach is proud to say that he can now wear both hats: that of an artist constantly pushing his own body of work forward and that of a designer making awesome identity design and illustrations for his clients.